briyana d. clarel

writer. performer. educator.


Briyana demands that participants be unapologetic about their creativity and its ability to heal. Briyana is so capable of doing this because their purpose shines through brightly when they’re working. Your space and your work is in safe hands when Briyana is leading. Working with them was a relief every week because they’re so talented in creating creative refuges.
— Carlisia M., Actor in Rage to Heal
Briyana is an exceptionally talented educator/facilitator and artist. Theirs is a deeply justice-oriented practice rooted in authenticity, integrity, and artistry. I have been inspired by their ability to encourage and inspire younger artists to speak out about the issues they care about, fostering confidence and resilience through informal mentorship and leading by example. Able to seamlessly integrate a variety of interests and skills, Briyana’s facilitation is artistic, their art is educational. Most importantly, Briyana is deeply impactful on those around them. They challenge, inspire, activate, and ignite those they come into contact with through their passion, dedication, and powerful internal compass. I highly recommend Briyana for anyone seeking a skilled educator, facilitator, or consultant.
— Noelia Mann, Communications & Operations Coordinator at Building Movement Project
While creating art, Briyana is swift without being careless, scholarly without being inaccessible, communal without being vague, and hungry without being irresponsible. They have such a clear understanding of who their work is in service to.

Briyana’s process taught me that not only can artists nourish an audience without starving themselves, but that artists are actually better equipped to serve their community when they take care of themselves.
— Daniel Nkoola, Filmmaker and Lyricist

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